by The Eisenhauers

‘The Road We Once Knew’ is the debut album from The Eisenhauers, the husband and wife duo of roots music veterans, Jeremy Eisenhauer and Sheree Plett Eisenhauer. Produced by the Canadian folk music icon, Steve Dawson, ‘The Road We Once Knew’ features a riveting selection of songs that are simple, spare and heartbreaking in their directness. 


Prior to beginning work on ‘The Road We Once Knew,’ The Eisenhauers decided to pull up stakes and move from the busy metropolis of Vancouver to the wilderness of Kaslo in the East Kootenays.  Not surprisingly many of the songs on the record explore the dynamics of escaping from the city and moving to the country. Isolation brought unexpected rewards as the transplanted couple’s seclusion allowed them to write music together for the first time.  Though both Jeremy and Sheree have had productive solo careers and have released eight albums under their own names between them, ‘The Road We Once Knew’ is the first record to be put out under their shared family name.


The Eisenhauers wanted to make an album with no other goal than to capture the essence of their sound in as pure and unaffected a way as possible.  Once they’d worked through their songs as a duo, they flew to Nashville where Steve Dawson brought their songs to life in a fully live off the floor recording session that lasted five days. With Dawson’s keen ear for sparse sonics and atmosphere, the record became a fourteen song showcase of authentic expression, rather a sanitary display of technical perfection.


Not surprisingly, many of the songs on ‘The Road We Once Knew’ reflect on how life changes with age and experience.  Tracks like ‘Don’t Lose Me’ and ‘Moving to the High Country’ are the perfect soundtrack for people trying to live authentic lives.  Beautifully played, sung and executed, ‘The Road We Once Knew’ is a testament to the healing power of music and the value of wisdom gained from experience. Every word and note of it rings true.  




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